Fear not, transferees: The beautiful side of Chicago winters.

Even Chicago winters have a silver lining!

So yes, it has been a particularly “dramatic” winter in Chicagoland this year.  Nearly record-breaking snows, temperatures below zero, and face-numbing wind chills have reminded us that there are FOUR distinct seasons in the Windy City. Carl Sandburg dubbed Chicago as “defiant”, a good observation, it would seem. So while light snows literally paralyzed other cities, Chicagoans, (and Midwesterns in general), take it all in stride. Appreciating, in fact, the impossibly blue skies that burst out behind glittered tree branches, or the frozen lakes that shine like sheets of glass, or the camaraderie among strangers sharing the knowledge that spring is around the corner as evidenced by this:


Once again, winter breaks to  allow the Chicago River to be dyed a brilliant Irish green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Patricia Mamone

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